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Enter our apprenticeship training program and become one of our future ENSIACET engineer

The Formation Ingénieur sous statut apprenti (FISA)

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FISA Class

You are a foreign student and you want to follow an engineering course through apprenticeship?
Four majors are currently open: Materials, Chemical Engineering, Process Engineering and Industrial Engineering.

The Apprenticeship program (FISA for the French "Formation Ingénieurs Sous Statut Apprenti") at INP ENSIACET is a professionally oriented training. 

Indeed not only does it it covers an engineering course in a specialized field of matter transformation, energy and their related services but does also enables the student to benefit from 3 years of professional experience with an industrial partner company.

The apprentice engineer signs a fixed-term contract (an apprenticeship contract for 3 years) when entering the program. He becomes an employee of the company in the same way as the other employees, with the same rights and obligations. 

Apprentice engineers share their time between the company (3/5 of the time in the company) and the educational establishment (2/5 of the time at INP-ENSIACET). Thus the apprentice engineer receives a salary while continuing his education and is exempted from school-related fees for 3 years.

Recruitment and conditions for admission 

Applicants for the apprenticeship course must be under 26 years of age when signing the apprenticeship contract and have completed at least 2 years of higher education in the fields of Chemical Engineering, Process Engineering, Instrument measurements, Chemistry, Material Science, Logistics, Industrial Engineering etc.

For all applicants the recruitment comprises two steps: the academic admission operated by INP-ENSIACET and the confirmation od admission operated by the host company (located in France)

Academic admission based on applicant qualifications

All candidates have to submit their application before beginning of April with the supporting documents for foreign qualifications. Based on these documents INP-ENSIACET selects the candidates who will be invited to an interview (by the end of May).
For applicants living abroad, the interview can be arranged as a video interview.

APPLICANTS WITH FOREIGN QUALIFICATIONS must give the following additional documents: 

  • THE TRANSLATION - certified by either an official translator or a diplomatic agent from France or the home country - of ALL THE DOCUMENTS WRITTEN IN A FOREIGN LANGUAGE. 
  • AN OFFICIAL DOCUMENT delivered by the university which awarded the higher education qualification. It must specify:
    • the normal length of the course to obtain the presented qualification
    • the syllabus of the subjects studied .
  • An assessment of the level in French (for non-francophone students)

Final admission

The final admission is confirmed when the 3-year apprenticeship contract with a host company whose head office is located in France is signed.
Foreign students must have a residence permit allowing them to work in France. Otherwise they must refer to their employer to request the document before the signature of the contract

apprenticeship training program in features

  • The training program is divided into theoretical courses (2/5 of the time at school) and professional practice (3/5 of the time in the company).
  • It is possible to do a 3-months-mobility abroad (international mobility is highly recommended but not mandatory for foreign students) either within the framework of the company (a work placement in a subsidiary for example) or as part of an exchange semester in a  foreign university in partnership with INP-ENSIACET
  • Every year, the class of around 24 apprentice engineers benefits from a personalized follow-up and support thanks to the  tutoring from both the school and the company.
  • Today, more than 60 industrial partners put their trust in FISA-ENSIACET program by employing our apprentice engineers.
  • 80% of the apprentice engineers have a job from the day of their graduation and occupy various positions/professions in different sectors:
    • Production, Upkeep and management of the installations: process engineer, fabrication engineer
    • Design and Engineering:  design engineer
    • Quality, Safety and Environment: environmental engineer, methods-quality engineer
    • Research & Development: development engineer
    • Scientific computing

Download (in french)

ENSIACET Apprenticeship course contacts

Materials engineering
  • Christèle Combes
  • Aurélie Rouaix
  • fisa_imat @
Chemical engineering
  • Odile Dechy-Cabaret
  • Séverine Camy
  • fisa_gc @
Process engineering
  • Anne-Marie Billet
  • Carole Saudejaud
  • fisa_gp @
Industrial engineering
  • Stéphane Negny
  • fisa_gi @
Industrial relations
  • Ludmila Stephan
  • Tél. : 05 34 32 33 16
  • fisa @

Contact CFA MidiSup

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31432 TOULOUSE Cedex 4

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  • Phone :
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