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Exchange and other degrees

Last modification on: 22/07/2016 - 11:40

Exchange possibilities in 2nd and 3rd years in France or abroad

During their curriculum the students have the possibility to do one or two semesters in another university in France or abroad. These exchange must be done in the framework of agreements between the two affected establishments or in a network that the ENSIACET works in: FGL, MIDIGEP, INP.

Exchanges out of agreements can be accepted exceptionally. They must be explicitly validated by the school. The student takes on personally all the consequences - in particular the financial consequences - of his choice.

A Possibility to register for a 3rd year and a M2 research in parallel

The school allows the 3rd year students to register in parallel for a master recherche 2. This research master can be prepared in a school of the INPT network - if it is co-certified - of in another establishment.  

The 3rd year internship is a research internship in this case. 

Double degree possibilities in France or abroad

In the framework of bilateral agreements, double degrees can be prepared with a part of the curriculum done at INP-ENSIACET and another part in the other establishment. At the end of the curriculum and in case of success, the student gets the engineering degree of ENSIACET and a degree from the second establishment.  

The list of possible double degrees


  •  with universidade de Sao Paolo (Brazil) 
  • with Politecnico Di Milano (Italy)
  • with UNESP (Brazil) 
  • with universidade Federal Do Rio Grande (Brazil) 
  • with university of Linkoping (Sweden)
  • with Univeristy of Pitesti (Romania)

In France

  • IFP School in 4 years
  • INSTN: during the 3rd year and without additional months students can prepare a specialisation in atomic engineering at the  Institut National Supérieur des Techniques Nucléaires.

incoming mobility

ENSIACET also welcomes students from other French or foreign establishments (FGL, ...).