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Job prospects for chemical engineers

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Sectors of activity

L'industrie pharmaceutique - secteur d application du génie chimique © Dreaming Andy - Fotolia.comGraduates enter companies in the sectors of:

  • chemistry,
  • biotechnologies,
  • pharmacy,
  • energy,
  • environment,
  • oil,
  • and more generally in material transformation industries (glass, cement, paper, textile, paint, cosmetics, food-processing... industries).

Main activity sectors of the ENSIACET chemical engineers (a CGE study between 2012 and 2016)

secteurs d'activités - génie chimique


The engineeer in Chemical Engineering mainly performs activities related to:

  • Engineering,
  • Research & Development, Design Services and technical consulting,
  • Production, Exploitation,
  • Quality, Safety, Environment, intervention project management,
  • Sales engineer.

Main functions of the ENSIACET chemical engineers (a CGE study between 2012 and 2016)

fonctions et services - génie chimique


  • Coordinator:

Patrick COGNET
email: patrick.cognet @ ensiacet.fr

  • Deputy coordinator:

email: audrey.devatine @ ensiacet.fr