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CFD et phénomènes de transfert

The INP-ENSIACET "Chemical Engineer" is an interdisciplinary engineer who has a wide and balanced knowledge in both Chemical Engineering and Chemistry. They design, size and control the equipment to carry out reactions and product separations. They also take risk management, process safety and the minimisation of the impact on the environmental into consideration . They are used to working in teams, to discussing with the relevant specialists and are able to follow all the industrialisation stages and to analyse the various problems that that may occur when starting-up or operating processes.

OBJECTIVES of the engineering course

The ENSIACET “Chemical Engineering” major aims to train and certify engineers whose skills span from the fundamentals of chemical reactions, design and management of the related process  to  shaping and packaging.. The engineering course of this major has a double target. First, its objective is to give a theoretical knowledge as well as working methods to approach the specificities of a technique. Secondly it gives the necessary knowledge to be able to broaden the engineer’s responsibilities.



  • Responsable/Coordinator

Patrick COGNET
Courriel/Email adress: patrick.cognet @ ensiacet.fr

  • Responsable adjointe/Deputy coordinator:

Courriel/Email adress:  audrey.devatine @ ensiacet.fr


Responsables de formation sous statut apprenti Génie Chimique/FISA Coordinators

  • Séverine CAMY
  • fisa_gc @ ensiacet.fr