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INP-ENSIACET Industrial Engineers master the interface between engineering, humanities, economics and social sciences. Indeed they have the technical skills in process engineering and the organizational competences required to implement industrial processes.
Trained to work in a team on interdisciplinary projects, they have the skills to adapt to all sectors linked to industrial development. They can work on the setting up of the plant (engineering, industrialisation, production), take charge of cross-disciplinary functions (quality, information systems, logistics) or global functions of the industrial process (project management, innovation support, business creation).

OBJECTIVES of the engineering course

The ENSIACET “Industrial Engineering” major aims at training and certifying skilled engineers in industrial organisation in all business fields but most particularly in process engineering.

The engineering course of this major has a double objective. First, it aims at giving the theoretical knowledge as well as working methods to approach the specificities of a technique. Secondly it gives the necessary knowledge to be able to diversify the engineer’s responsibilities.



  • Responsable/Coordinator :

Courriel : florent.bourgeois @ ensiacet.fr

  • Responsable adjoint/Deputy coordinator :

Courriel : philippe.duquenne @ ensiacet.fr


Responsable de formation Génie Industriel/FISA Coordinator

  • Stéphane NEGNY
  • fisa_gi @ ensiacet.fr