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The INP-ENSIACET Materials Science Engineers master the scientific, technical and socio-economic bases to conduct and develop industrial projects by choosing the materials and the related processes.They control and optimise the functional properties of the material all along the product life cycle until its recycling. His technical, theoretical and practical knowledge applies to the three main families of materials (metallic, polymer and ceramic) and their composites.

OBJECTIVES of the engineering course

The ENSIACET Materials Science Engineering major targets to train engineers that can act in the development and optimisation of the properties of new products or of systems formed by metallic, polymer, ceramic materials with a micro or nano structure, and their composites.

The field of action of the materials engineer consists in the estimation of the life span of new or traditional materials or ageing systems, the analysis and the establishment of models for the implementation of processes or the optimisation of functional properties. The sustainability of today’s scientific and technical heritage is also a major target of the curriculum.

The curriculum offered at INP-ENSIACET prepares the engineering students to manage interdisciplinary projects.


  • Coordinator :

email: bernard.viguier @ ensiacet.fr

  • Deputy coordinator :

email: Corinne.Dufaure @ ensiacet.fr