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Job prospects for process engineers

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Sectors of activity

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Graduates enter companies in the fields of:

  • Chemistry, pharmacy, cosmetics, energy, environment and eco-industries,
  • Design office engineering and technical consulting.

Main professional fields of the ENSIACET Process engineers (CGE survey for the last 5 years [2012 to 2016])secteurs d'activités - génie des procédés


The process engineer mainly works in industrial activities related to:

  • production and operation
  • research and development, and scientific and technical studies
  • design, consulting or expertise

He/She performs in:

  • engineering, studies and technical consulting
  • production, operation, control, maintenance, tests, quality or safety units

Main professions of ENSIACET Process engineers (CGE survey for the last 5 years [2012 to 2016])

fonctions et services - génie des procédés



  • Responsable/ Coordinator:

Anne-Marie BILLET
Courriel : annemarie.billet @ ensiacet.fr

  • Responsable adjoint / Deputy coordinator:

Courriel : renaud.ansart @ ensiacet.fr


Responsables de formation Génie des Procédés/FISA Coordinators

  • Anne-Marie BILLET
  • Carole SAUDEJAUD
  • fisa_gp @ ensiacet.fr