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INP-ENSIACET Process Engineers have strong theoretical and practical knowledge in Process Engineering as well as general skills in social sciences, humanities and economics.
They are proficient in numerical and IT skills. Used to team work , they are able to innovate on interdisciplinary projects, invent new processes, design and model future plants, manage their achievement and their operation to make them more profitable, more sustainable, cleaner and safer.

OBJECTIVEs of the engineering course

The ENSIACET “Process Engineering” major combines three core disciplines: Physics, Chemistry and Applied Mathematics/Computing.

This course aims at a systemic approach for Process Engineering disciplines. Thus it promotes the development of models and the use of computing tools to design and manage industrial plants.

ENSIACET Process Engineers are therefore interdisciplinary physicians who have strong skills in the core disciplines of process engineering (heat and mass balance, transport and transfer phenomena, unit operations…) and high proficiency in mathematical, digital and IT skills. They are also skilled at social sciences, humanities and economics.




  • Responsable/ Coordinator:

Anne-Marie BILLET
Courriel : annemarie.billet @ ensiacet.fr

  • Responsable adjoint / Deputy coordinator:

Courriel : renaud.ansart @ ensiacet.fr


Responsables de formation Génie des Procédés/FISA Coordinators

  • Anne-Marie BILLET
  • Carole SAUDEJAUD
  • fisa_gp @ ensiacet.fr