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The "Control of complex projects and information systems" specialization

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The main target of this minor is to train engineers able to design, implement and manage industrial projects, production units and the entire supply chain in compliance with the standards and safety.
It enables to get accustomed to concepts, methods and engineering tools in order to design, manage and decide on industrial processes and information systems.
In a demanding industrial field, the minor enables to integrate complex projects, to master the systems and to suggest innovative solutions. It offers interdisciplinary courses which favour the adaptation, the spirit of openness and the team work.


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  • Knowledge of project management, production management and information systems.
  • Basic knowledge of the IT tools.



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  • Develop and optimise processes.
  • Design and manage an industrial development project.
  • Control the supply chain
  • Design and improve the information system.
  • Design and develop software programs.
  • Manage and plan projects
  • Work in a team and in a network.



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Download the syllabus of the minor (in French):


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Activity sectors

  • Manufacturing industries,
  • Nuclear and Refinery industries,
  • Chemical industries,
  • Machines and equipment manufacturing,
  • Transport equipment manufacturing,
  • Electricity, Gas and Water production and supply
  • Construction industry,
  • Transports and Communication,
  • Financial activities,
  • IT




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Account of former students (in french)...



"En plus d’avoir très bien préparé mon entrée dans la vie active en me donnant les clés en termes de compétences et de réflexions autour du projet professionnel, mon passage à l’ENSIACET a été des plus agréables !"

Further information


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  • Jean-Pierre BELAUD
  • Email: jeanpierre.belaud @
  • Phone: 05 34 32 36 48

Key Words

  • project management
  • information systems
  • decision support
  • supply chain


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