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The "Eco-energy" minor


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The target of this interdisciplinary minor is to train engineers able to design efficient and sustainable energy systems by using systemic eco-design methods in the context of a mix of new energy technologies.
This operational know-how is based on an interdisciplinary programme combining electricity and processes. It is based on an extensive knowledge of the multidimensional stakes of the energy field (fossil and renewable resources, environmental and economic impacts) and on a theoretical and practical assimilation of the principles and properties of the energy components and systems.


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Sound scientific knowledge of the engineering course. 


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  • Design and optimise an energy-conversion system which meets the criteria introduced by the "sustainable development" targets (Analyse of the life cycle for example)
  • Know the current and foreseeable energy sectors, the sources and vectors, the components and systems, the applications.
  • Master the disciplines governing the processes for energy conversion, the production, the applications, the supply and storage.
  • Use an interdisciplinary talk to design adapted and optimised solutions (systemic approach).
  • Design and pilot an industrial development project.


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Download the syllabus of the minor (in French):


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activity sectors 

All sectors linked to energy, in enterprises or in local authorities:

  • Design office, design, audit, consultancy,
  • Agency, big groups or SMEs in the field of energy, transport and process.



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  • Catherine AZZARO-PANTEL
  • Email: catherine.azzaropantel @
  • Phone: 05 34 32 36 56

Key words

  • energy and processes
  • systemic approach
  • eco-design
  • renewable energies
  • processes
  • smart-grids

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