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Environment chemistry specialization

Environment knowledge for industrial sustainable production

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This specialization targets to train engineers skilled in fields such as hydraulic, physical chemistry and chemical engineering to design hydraulic networks, water treatment facilities or environmentally friendly processes.
During the interdisciplinary specialization, students are enlightened about the socio-economic issues concerning lasting activities (rural, urban and industrial areas). The specialization introduces the tools for geographic analysis, hydrology simulation and sedimentary transport essential to draw territorial development schemes like impact studies or river rehabilitation.


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Scientific and technical curriculum in the fields of:

  • chemistry,
  • chemical and process engineering,
  • hydraulics,
  • agronomics and/or environmental sciences.


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  • Develop and optimize processes to decontaminate and to restore the environment (water, soils, air) damaged by human activities.
  • Manage territorial development projects in the fields of the hydrology of natural and urban environments, the waste and pollutions, the restoration of industrial sites.
  • Choose and/or arbitrate the technical choices in equipment, arrangement, methods while having in mind the environmental regulations and the economic and social contexts.
  • Know how to analyze and manage the sanitary and environmental risks.
  • Work in interdisciplinary teams and networks.


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Download the syllabus of the specialization (in French):


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Activity sectors


  • impact/restoration of hydro-systems,
  • water, air and soil treatment,
  • agriculture/environment of priority areas,
  • risks/prevention linked to pollutants of the environment,
  • industrial and urban waste,
  • environment quality management.

Types of enterprises:

  • industrial enterprises of all sizes and design and consulting offices in the fields of water treatment, water quality, collection/treatment/valorization of urban and industrial waste,
  • technical and socio-professional institutions,
  • territorial authorities,
  • associations,
  • international organizations dealing with water and environment management.


  • engineering, technical studies,
  • sanitation, refuse collection and waste management,
  • drinking water industries,
  • agriculture and landscape design support





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"Chemistry and Environment" Courses, case studies and corrected exercices

Cours, étude de cas et exercices corrigés "Chimie et Environnement"

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Front page of the book "Chimie et Environnement"

This French text book expound on the current concepts, methods and tools to restrict the rejection and the pollutions in the context of sustainable development. The theory is interspersed by examples and completed by corrected exercises and study cases.

  • Book directed by: Philippe Behra
  • Collection: Sciences Sup, Dunod
  • May 2013 - 432 pages - 175x250 mm
  • EAN13 : 9782100568956
  • Editions Dunod
  • Language: French


The ENSIACET's engineers diploma : a general course with specialized skills...
Materials Science and Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Process Engineering
Industrial Engineering

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