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The “Industrial systems engineering” minor

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The engineer in this minor has a double expertise and masters project management, an essential tool on the competitive industrial field.
He actively contributes to the development of companies. He has a broad view of the enterprise’s system and can act on the entire industrial process.
He is competent to unite a team on specified issues while insuring the quality, the costs, the deadline and the risk mastery. He will be able to choose between two specialties: Engineering and Mastery of Project or Entrepreneurship and Innovative Project.


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There are no prerequisites for this minor.


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  • Project development and structuring;
  • Mastery of the technical fields involved in the project;
  • Project management (control, mastery of costs, deadlines…);
  • Business strategy and financing: feasibility study of a project, positioning on a competitive market, innovative idea;
  • Entrepreneurship, legal, financial and commercial study;
  • Team management and team spirit.


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Two specialties:

  • Engineering and Mastery of Project
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovative Project

Download the syllabus of the minor (in French):


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Activity sectors

  • chemical industry,
  • coking, refinery, nuclear industries,
  • machines and equipment manufacturing,
  • transportation equipment manufacturing,
  • other manufacturing industries,
  • electricity, gas and water production and supply,
  • construction,
  • transport and communication,
  • financial activities,
  • supply of business service.



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  • Nelly OLIVIER
  • email: nelly.olivier @
  • phone: 05 34 32 36 89

Key Words

  • project management
  • entrepreneurship
  • innovation
  • supply chain
  • economic and financial analysis

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