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Fonctionality major

The multi-functional materials applied to the innovative high technology fields

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The central objective of the major “Fonctionality” is to form engineers able to fabricate, process and characterize polymers, thin films, composite and multi-materials.
It provides tools to correlate processing technologies to the structure and properties of materials.
It allows to better understand some of their key-functionalities, in particular in terms of mechanical, optical, electrical and surface properties.
It proposes specific modules on the processes and materials for the green energy technologies (fuel cells, photovoltaics…).


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  • Good knowledge in material engineering.
  • Pre-requisite in chemistry and in chemical engineering.
  • Major accessible to students from IMAT, GC and Chemistry departments from ENSIACET. Also accessible to students from other universities with some prerequisites in Material Science. 


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  • Control the processing of polymers and composites.
  • Master the elaboration processes of thin films (CVD, PVD, plasma…).
  • Characterize the structure, composition, surface state... of these materials.
  • Process and control the properties of organic composite materials.
  • Fabricate a micro-electronic component in clean room environment.
  • Process polymers from bio-sourced materials by extrusion, injection, molding… technics.
  • Know the key-functionalities of biomaterials and materials for the green energies.
  • Understand the steps of the aging and recycling of materials, in particular of plastics.
  • Work in team and in network.


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Download the syllabus of the minor (in French):


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Activity sectors

  • aeronautics,
  • spatial,
  • polymers of speciality,
  • resins and adhesives,
  • micro and nano-electronics,
  • photovoltaics,
  • automobile.




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« The MAFO major allows to discover a large range of “high tech” materials and associated processes. With the practical works which implement these knowledges and initiate to work in “clean room” conditions, the MAFO major perfectly prepares to work in these fields. »



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  • Brigitte CAUSSAT

MAFO Key words

  • polymers
  • thin films
  • composite materials
  • fabrication
  • processing
  • characterisation
  • green energies


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