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Methods and Analyses for Risk Management division

Last modification on: 30/05/2017 - 11:24

The Methods and Analyses for Risk Management Pole includes 2 specific trainings:
- Quality Safety Environment (QSE)
- Analytical Engineering (AE)
With a common-core curriculum around QSE management systems and occupational safety and health.

What are the key points of this pole?

  • 1.    Cross-cutting approach: open to students of all the school departments
  • 2.    Job-related skills: engineer's directly accessible jobs: Quality (QSE &AE), Industrial and Occupational Risks (QSE), Environment (QSE), Testing and Analyses (AE), Research and Development (AE).
  • 3.    Strong partnership with the professionals: institutional and industrial collaborations to provide courses and supply the operational case studies.
  • 4.    Use of innovative educational tools: learning by project, MOOC, role-playing games.
  • 5.    Sectors suppliers of jobs: health, eco-industries, services and consulting companies.
  • 6.    Emergence of new jobs: continual improvement engineer, sustainable development engineer, QSE auditing, engineer in analytical transfer.
  • 7.    Numerous offers of internship and contracts of professionalization: approximately 10 offers by students on average.


The ENSIACET's engineers diploma : a general course with specialized skills...
Materials Science and Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Process Engineering
Industrial Engineering

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