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Sustainable chemistry and Bioprocesses division

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The specialization aims to train engineers to implement clean technologies in a sustainable development context in order to provide solutions in the fields of green chemistry, bioprocesses and the environment.

The specialization is composed of three courses possibilities:

  •   Green and Biobased Chemistry (CVeBio),
  •   Fine Chemistry and Bioprocesses (CFiBio),
  •   Sustainable Chemistry and Environment (CDEn).

CVeBio and CFiBio include 100-hr mutual courses focusing on the fields of Green processes, Formulation and Bioprocesses. Mutual courses are taught in English, as well as all the Green Chemistry courses (CVeBio).

CDEn has 25 hours of courses in common with CVeBio and CFiBio:

  • CVeBio courses are coupled with the Master of Green Chemistry (UPS/INPT).
  • CFiBio courses are coupled with the Master of Processes and Bioprocesses (UPS/INPT).

The three pathways include a 157 hour project (topics will be defined by the Laboratories, in connection with industrial issues) and lectures shared with the other specializations (Business engineering). 10% of lectures and seminars are taught by guest speakers e.g. foreign invited professors or industrial partners such as TOTAL, UCB Pharma, Laboratoires Expanscience, Lallemand…

In our effort to expand diversity, our students come from different origins:

  • ENSIACET students mainly from the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering departments,
  • Students under professional contract,
  • Students of the Gay-Lussac Federation,
  • France exchange students  (ENSAT or other Sciences Agro Schools),
  • Foreign exchange students,
  • Students of the International Master Green CAP,
  • Students of INPT for the CDEn courses.

objectives of the courses


  • Mastering the transformation of renewable resources,
  • Developing functional, safe and innovative bioproducts,
  • Developing catalytic processes.


  • Designing and pilot (bio) processes,
  • Implementing chemical activation methods,
  • Developing and formulating fine chemical products


  • Designing water treatment facilities,
  • Minimizing the environmental impacts of industrial processes,
  • Acquiring methods of prevention and treatment of pollution.

Jobs opportunities

  • Research & Development Engineer
  • Innovation Manager
  • Chemistry / Biotechnology Process Development Manager
  • Production Engineer
  • Formulation Engineer
  • Product Application Engineer / Product Manager
  • Environmental Engineer

activity fields

  • New energy supply chains
  • Fine chemistry
  • Specialty (Bio)products
  • Health & Cosmetics
  • Agro-industry and agro-chemistry
  • Environment


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