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Bioprocess and Fine Chemicals

Combine biological, chemical and process expertises for the fine chemistry and bioprocesses

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The engineers are trained to design and  develop new cleaner and safer processes or operate any type of chemical or biotechnological industrial process:
- acquire or improve skills in the fields of biotechnology, synthetic chemistry and processes;
- strengthen fundamental knowledge in these 3 areas while expanding the scientific culture and tools necessary to their integration into a multidisciplinary team.


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Knowledge of:

  • Organic chemistry
  • Process Engineering Basics
  • Life science



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  • Develop or improve chemistry synthesis process
  • Develop or improve bioprocesses
  • Design and dimension processes
  • Pilot chemical processes or bioprocesses
  • Concept or Develop new products or new process
  • Manage a project
  • Work in a multidisciplinary team



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220 hours including courses, tutorial work, pratical work, case studies and seminars, to which are added a 157 h project and the third year commun courses.

UE mutual with CveBio

TU1 : Tools in green chemistry and Processes : (3ECTS)

UE2 : Bioprocesses (3ECTS)

UE3 : Formulation (3ECTS)



Chem. Engineering for a sustainable industry

Biomass and raw materials

Case study

enzymatic catalysis


Molecular biology technic

Fermentation Lab Work


Formulation process

Colloïdal state

Polymer applications

Cosmetic applications

Galenic applications

Formulation Lab Work

Specific TU

UE4 : activation et optimisation of reactions (3 ECTS)

UE5 : Processes control (3 ECTS)

UE6 : Separation (3 ECTS)


Total Chemistry Synthesis

Activating chemical reactions

Activating chemical reactions Lab Work

Data reconciliation

Operation scheduling

Mechanical stirring


Multiphasic Reactors

Controlling batch and fed-batch reactors

Solid/Liquid extraction

Mise en forme du solide

Wasterwater treatment

Filtration centrifugation

Process Lab work

Total 220h (18 ECTS)


UE1 : 30 h                 UE4 : 38 h

UE2 : 42 h                 UE5 : 41h

UE3 : 28h                  UE6 : 41h


+ Business engineering (1 ECTS)

Project : 157h (9 ECTS)


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The following sectors are targeted:

  • Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics: separation, synthesis, formulation
  • Biotechnologies
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Fine chemistry (from synthesis to the process)
  • Extraction & formulation processes
  • Development of specialities products
  • New energy chains (biomass, methanisation, microalgae, fuel cells…)
  • Agro-industries
  • Quality control of products







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  • Sandra BEAUFORT
  • Courriel : sandra.beaufort @
  • Tél. : 05 34 32 37 46

CFiBio Key Words

  • Bioprocesses
  • Synthesis methods
  • Formulation
  • Fine chemistry
  • Charmaceuticals

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