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The “Analytical Sciences for the Industry” minor

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analytical validation process

Covering the fields of application of health, environment, food-processing and chemistry, the minor introduces a method which enables the engineers to cope with the diversity of existing analytical problems.
This minor gives the tools to master the main analytical technics used in laboratories, it initiate into sampling theory and examines the technical and methodological aspects of on-line industrial assays.
The minor includes the regulatory approaches for the enhancement and management of data for quality insurance. It therefore gives complementary skills for the engineers to easily integrate the laboratory workplace or the production tool.


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  • Basic knowledge of chemistry, chemical engineering and materials.


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  • Design, make/manage, understand an analytical process
  • Design and control process monitoring
  • Estimate the impact of the analytical and methodological choices on the results
  • Make fitted samplings 
  • Develop and optimise methods that observe the regulations
  • Choose, arbitrate the technological choices for the equipment, methods and statistics 
  • Manage a scientific team
  • Arbitrate and grant the human, financial and technical resources to the different projects 
  • Work in a team and in a network
  • Communicate with the clients
  • Estimate the cost of studies or projects
  • Estimate and improve a quality system
  • Master data processing, analysis and management
  • Manage equipment fleets


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Download the syllabus of the minor:


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Activity sectors

  • Manufacturing industry:
    • Agricultural and food-processing industries, textile and chemical industries,
    • Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries,
    • Rubber and plastic industries,
    • Machines and equipment manufacturing (scientific, technical, control);
  • Extractive industries: mining, metals, hydrocarbons;
  • Electricity, gas and water production and supply;
  • Sewage and garbage collection and treatment services;
  • Public and social services (Police, Fraud control, …);
  • Control, technical assays, inspections and expertise;
  • Trade;
  • Engineering and technical studies;
  • Research and Development ;
  • Education, Instruction.



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Two accounts of former students of the "Industrial assays for the industry" minor.



Mon parcours est aujourd'hui épanouissant grâce au soutien et aux encouragements d’enseignants passionnants ! J’utilise tous les jours mes compétences acquises en option...

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L’option APC (aujourd'hui API) m’a donné les bases théoriques et pratiques de mon métier actuel. J'ai apprécié l'ambiance et la proximité dans les échanges avec les enseignants..."

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Key Words

  • Analytical strategies
  • Sampling
  • Instrumental technics
  • Industrial assays
  • Data management

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