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The “Energy efficiency in industrial processes” minor


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The target of this minor is to enable the future executives to design, implement and manage production systems (process, manufacturing, etc.) by integrating more specifically the energy dimensions in all the stages of the life cycle of the system (design ⇒ exploitation ⇒ retrofit).
Indeed, in a demanding industrial context, which combines technical, economic and environmental constraints, energy efficiency is a performance indicator. It is decisive for the competitiveness and the longevity of the current and future industries.
In this context, this minor enables to implement the tools for optimisation, simulation and decision support essential for an improvement process. Besides, it approaches all the complexity of industrial sites (unit operations, production unit, sites and inter-sites) and enables to develop consistent and innovative technical and organisational solutions.


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  • Basic scientific knowledge for the engineer.
  • Knowledge of Process and Chemical Engineering.
  • Basic knowledge of simulation tools (Matlab, Ilog, Simulators, …).


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  • Design and optimise an energy efficient production system.
  • Change the functioning of existing processes and/or implement new equipment.
  • Analyse and arbitrate the technical choices for equipment, utilities or methods.
  • Size the equipment for thermal conversion or exchange.
  • Know and quantify the levers of action on which it is possible to act to improve the energy performance.
  • Design and manage an industrial development project (define and grant the human, technical and financial resources and quantify the return on investment).
  • Work in a team and in a network.

Scope de l'option 2EP


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Download the syllabus of the minor (in French):


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Activity Sectors

All sectors linked to production:  

  • process industries (refining, chemistry, plastics, food-processing industry, pharmacy, metalworking industry, polymers, etc),
  • manufacturing industries (machines and equipment manufacturing, automobile, mechanical construction),
  • electricity, gas and water production and supply
  • design office, engineering
  • audit, consultancy.




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  • Gilles HÉTREUX
  • email: Gilles.Hetreux @
  • Phone : 05 34 32 36 60


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2EP Key Words

  • Energy performance
  • Energy integration
  • Re-trofit
  • Management
  • Decision support
  • Systemic approach