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The "Functional matierials" minor

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The main target of this minor is to train engineers able to produce, shape and characterise polymers, thin films, composite materials and multi-materials. It gives the tools to correlate the manufacturing or shaping processes to the materials’ structure and properties.
It gives the knowledge to better understand their key functionalities especially in terms of mechanic, electrical and surface properties (wettability, adhesion…). It offers specific modules on synthesis processes and on materials for renewable energy applications (fuel cell, photovoltaics,…).


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  • Good knowledge of materials engineering.
  • Prerequisites of chemistry and process engineering.
  • Minor possible for students from the majors "Materials", "Chemical Engineering" and "Chemistry" of ENSIACET.



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  • Control the polymer and composite processing
  • Master the thin film fabrication processes (CVD, PVD, plasma, ...).
  • Characterise the structure, composition, surface quality, ... of the various materials.
  • Develop and control the properties of composites with an organic matrix.
  • Make a micro-electronic component in a clean-room environment.
  • Shape plant-based polymers by extrusion, injection, moulding, ...
  • Know the key functions of bio-materials and materials for renewable energies.
  • Understand the ageing stages and the recycling of plastics.
  • Work in a team and in a network.


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Download the syllabus of the minor (in French):


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Activity sectors

  • aeronautics,
  • space,
  • specialty polymers,
  • resins,
  • nano electronics
  • photovoltaics,
  • automobile.




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  • Brigitte CAUSSAT
  • Email: Brigitte.Caussat @
  • Rinaldo POLI
  • Email: rinaldo.poli @

Key words

  • polymers
  • thin films
  • composite materials,
  • processes,
  • fabrication
  • processiing,
  • renewable energies


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