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The “Process design and analysis” minor

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The main target of this minor is to train engineers able to design and build the plants of the future. It enables to get accustomed to process design tools by dealing with both the conceptual approaches of process design and the methods to optimise the design of production units.
Openings on new generations of processes are also presented especially in the fields of multi-function systems such as reactive distillation or in the field of micro-processes.


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  • Sound knowledge of chemical engineering or process engineering,
  • Basic knowledge of IT tools (mathlab, VBA, process simulation).


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  • Develop and optimise the process.
  • Design and manage an industrial development project.
  • Design adjustments to an existing process and/or implement new equipment.
  • Choose and/or arbitrate the technological choices for the equipment, adjustments and methods.
  • Size the equipment.
  • Estimate the impact of the introduction of a new product line on the process.
  • Arbitrate and grant the human, financial and technical resources to the different projects.
  • Estimate the return on investment of the implemented projects.
  • Work in a team and in a network


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Download the syllabus of the minor (in French):


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activity sectors

  • extractive industries,
  • manufacturing industries (refinery, nuclear, chemical, plastics, non-metallic minerals,metals),
  • Electricity, gas and water production,
  • Business services (engineering).



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  • Michel MEYER
  • email: Michel.meyer @
  • phone: 05 34 32 36 80

Key Words

  • design
  • process
  • intensification
  • optimal design
  • synthesis
  • engineering

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