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The "Quality - Safety - Environment" minor


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Nowadays, all companies develop a voluntarist policy concerning quality, equipment safety, occupational safety and health, environment and sustainable development resulting in numerous jobs.
The key point of this cross-disciplinary option is to consider the QSE disciplines in the same way by showing comparable methodologies and the possibility to achieve a QSE integrated management system. It offers the possibility to extend the scientific training of engineers by taking into account industrial needs in terms of QSE. It is possible for engineers having completed this option to aspire to jobs in all QSE disciplines.


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Basic knowledge of Process engineering.


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To be able to:

  • Set up a quality approach leaning on ISO 9001 standard
  • Estimate the occupational hazards and minister the first care during an accident
  • Design and operate processes which answer the safety and environmental constraints
  • Estimate the effects of the pollutions in air / water / ground and propose solutions to prevent and treat the pollutions
  • Understand the methodology and issues of management systems and use the tools of the management
  • Identify the regulation and legislative contexts connected to safety and environment
  • Analyze organizations and identify the causes of accidents




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Download the syllabus of the minor:


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Activity sectors

Lines of business:

Concerning industrial safety and environment:

  • Extraction industry,
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Production and distribution of electricity,
  • Gas and water,
  • Transports and communications…

Concerning quality and occupational safety and health:

  • All business sectors



  • HSE engineer (in companies or public administrations)
  • Quality engineer
  • Engineer in design office in industrial risks field
  • QSE consulting
  • QSE auditing




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  • Nadine GABAS
  • Email: nadine.gabas @
  • Phone: 05 34 32 36 76

Key Words

  • quality
  • industrial safety
  • environment
  • health
  • safety at work
  • clean process
  • process safety


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