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The “Sustainability of materials and structures” minor

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Matériaux en sphères creuses acier inox (absorption acoustique) The main target of this minor is to train engineers able to design and size lasting structures as well as to identify the key points for the upkeep of important systems to determine the risk level.
The engineer taking this option becomes an expert of matter transformation, design and maintenance issues peculiar to transport industries, energy production, health materials, ceramic and glass industry.
He is also a valued collaborator for important organisations linked to research, control and safety of the installations.


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Sound knowledge of Material engineering:

  • production and transformation of the different families of materials,
  • working properties,
  • damaging ways,
  • basic tools to characterise and establish models of the behaviour of materials.


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  • Design and size lasting structures.
  • Identify the key points for the upkeep of important systems (risk analysis).
  • Get involved in the management of important projects.
  • Know the different families of materials and the nuances mostly used in the industry, their applications and properties.
  • Know the different causes of materials' deterioration.
  • Take into account complex stress (relations between reactivity/material/mechanics).
  • Establish models and simulate the real response of structures.
  • Suggest solutions to improve systems and structures.
  • Take into account the life cycle of a product (from its production to its recycling).
  • Work in a team and in a network.


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Download the syllabus of the minor (in French):


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Activity sectors

  • Manufacturing industry,
  • coking, refinery, nuclear industries,
  • chemical industry,
  • metalworking industries,
  • Machines and equipment manufacturing,
  • Transportation equipment manufacturing
  • Sport items manufacturing and recovery,
  • Electricity, gas and water production and supply,
  • construction,
  • Research and Development.




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  • Christine BLANC
  • email: christine.blanc @
  • phone: 05 34 32 34 07


Key words

  • materials
  • structures
  • design
  • sustainability
  • life cycle


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