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Risk engineering

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Post-graduate advanced master certified by the "Conférence des Grandes Écoles"
Taught in English
Technical approach of safety control: methods, tools, risk assessment and treatment.
Specialisation to a 5th/6th year of university level

OBJECTIVEs of the post-graduate advanced master

Couverture MS Risk engineering Society is faced with two goals that seem to be contradictory:

  • to take risks to develop new and innovative technologies, products, processes, etc.,
  • to guarantee more safety to citizens by reducing potential risks.

To reconcile these objectives, risks must be controlled. These needs lead to a growing industrial demand for new profiles of engineers in all activity sectors (innovation support, importance of safety, sustainable development...). using sound engineering approaches that can provide justification to decision-makers and other stakeholders.
The positions in risk engineering are the most often created for transnational projects or by international structures (decision-maker and development groups), by international evaluation or certification organisations. Therefore  proficiency in English is mandatory.

To meet these needs, INSAT and INPT in collaboration with The "Institut pour une Culture de Sécurité Industrielle" (ICSI, Institute for an Industrial safety culture) developed the Advanced master « Risk Engineering ». It aims at complementing the initial engineering course by an interdisciplinary and technical approach of the analytical and risk control tools and methods implemented in different fields: aerospace, chemistry, petro-chemical industry, transport, energy, food-processing industry, environmental techniques...

After this Advanced Master the engineers will be able to include all the technical risk issues to ensure completion of the projects they are in charge of.

Risk engineering alumni: technical experts for risk analysis

A risk management cluster

The post-graduate advanced master "Risk engineering" is coordinated by INPT, ICSI and INSA Toulouse with the objective of setting up a leading cluster in the field of industrial risk management.

The partnership  ICSI , INPT andINSA de Toulouse aims at creating a major centre in the field of industrial and environmental risk management.
Its specificity consists in gathering the expertise of two engineering "Grandes Ecoles" and the resources of the "Institut pour une Culture de Sécurité Industrielle", a reference organisation in the field of safety for big industrial groups and local authorities.
This strong partnership contributes to the spreading of sustainable development values at the industrial scale. It also offers unique opportunities both in the internship offers and scholarships and in the professional prospects.

More information

Programme, admission terms, applicants selection, organisation, tuition fees, scholarships, prospects, ... (in French)


Information and applications

Institut pour une Culture de Sécurité Industrielle (ICSI) (Institute for a Culture of Industrial Safety)

  • Address: 6 allée Emile Monso - BP 34038 - 31029 Toulouse Cedex 04
  • Phone: (+ 33) 05 34 32 32 00
  • Email: agnes.furno @
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