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Diplômes des Hautes Etudes Technologiques

DHET (Diploma of high technological studies)

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The Diplôme des Hautes Etudes Technologiques is awarded by INP Toulouse and is open for the holders of a 4th year university level (or more) who want to get an extensive course to acquire a second expertise or a new specialisation.


The admissions are based on the qualifications and insofar as places remain available for holders of:

  • a Master of Science in Science or Technics or a first year of Master,
  • a French or foreign degree accepted as an equivalent by the admission board of INP Toulouse.

The applicants in continuing education can get a derogation by the Commitee of validations of professional achievements.


The course lasts one year. It includes theoretical and pratical courses (lectures, lab work, tutorials) as well as a work placement of 3 to 6 months according to the specialisation. It leads to the accomplishment of a research or application project, with a report an a presentation to a jury.

INP Toulouse

Institut National Polytechnique of Toulouse:
a Group of "Grandes Ecoles" federated within the same establishment that appears original university in the landscape of higher education and research.