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Pure and applied chemistry

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Degree level: LMD/Master 2
Field(s) of education LMD: Science - technologies - health
Majors(s): Chemistry
Specialisations: Pure and applied chemistry
Outgoing level: Master level
Localisation: TOULOUSE
Nature: leads to a qualification - national degree
Possible in: initial course / Continuing education/ VAE (accreditation for work experience)


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The speciality offers 2 courses:

  • Synthesis and applications
  • Nano-objects, design and innovation.

The course is based on the local "research' specificities.


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Required curriculum

  • Students who have the 1st year of Master in Chemistry of UPS () are automatically admitted (M1 in Pure and Applied Chemistry recommended).
  • All the other students can only be admitted after an examination of their file and if they have a first year of Master.


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After this Master, the graduate will be able to apply to diverse jobs in which there are the following activities:

  • to identify, design, synthesise and test new molecules or materials, new synthesis paths or new processes,
  • to develop products that meet the expectations of  customers, develop formulas and formulation processes,
  • to manage a project: to study its feasibility, to organise its conception (cost, team, technical means, etc.).


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1st semester (30 ects)

  • Course Nano-objects, design and innovation
  • Course Synthesis and applications

2nd semester (30 ects)

  • Internship (5 months - 27 ects)
  • English (24h - 3 ects)

After the M2R

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further studies

  • Doctoral thesis

Professional prospects

Activity sectors

  • Chemistry: food-processing industry, Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, Detergents, Materials, Bulk chemistry, Environment, Energy.


  • Technical executive in scientific studies and pure research,
  • Research faculty member,
  • Sales engineer,
  • entrepreneur,
  • Consulting design engineer in research or applications,
  • production engineer.


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Academic secretarial office

  • Marie-Claire BEAUBELICOUX
    • Université Paul Sabatier
    • Bâtiment 2A
    • Phone: 05 61 55 60 74
    • Email: apca31 @


Master co-certified with Université Paul Sabatier de Toulouse