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Professional continuing education at INP-ENSIACET

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Professional continuing education is one of the mission of INP-ENSIACET in the same way as initial education.
The school focuses its efforts to develop continuing education among companies, employees and job-seekers in the scientific and technological fields including chemistry, materials, chemical engineering, process engineering and industrial engineering.

Today, INP-ENSIACET offers:

  • recognised courses leading to different qualifications: engineering degrees, professional masters, post-graduate advanced masters and DHET (Diploma of high technological studies),
  • training workshops that are pre-established or made to measure to meet the specific needs of the companies,
  • distance education trainings.

The courses at INP-ENSIACET are adapted to all persons wishing to develop new skills, to improve, to get a diploma or a specialisation, to enhance his professional experience or make a change in his career. The content of the courses meets the targets of the companies, all the more so as INP-ENSIACET builds its course offers with professional partners (companies, research laboratories, ...).


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ENSIACET Contacts AND Information

  •  INP-ENSIACET continuing education coordinator
    • Sophie THIEBAUD-ROUX
    • Phone: 05 34 32 35 04
    • Mobile: 06 15 73 78 28

or send a message through the contact form below and choose "formation continue" for the message category.

Diplomas through continuing education

All diplomas of INP-ENSIACET are possible through Continuing education or Accreditation for work experience (VAE or VAP). The awarded diploma is the same.