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Evolutive Trends in the Fields of Matter Transformation and Energy

Last modification on: 28/08/2014 - 15:34

In the Pyrenees, chemistry gathers around 200 companies and about 5000 employees. On a national scale, chemistry is the second largest industrial sector when it comes to export, and research investments.

An important role in our economy

New laws and norms such as the REACH regulation, the Grenelle de l'Environnement, sustainable development technologies are challenges regional chemical industry players, and on a larger scale matter transformation and energy players, have to and are willing to face.

An Innovative Sector

The chemical, materials and process engineering sector, are active participants in developments and innovations worldwide:

  • transport,
  • medical field,
  • energy,
  • environnement, …

The Subdivisions of the Sector

We can distinguish 4 subdivisions in this sector:

  • metallic materials and metal alteration,
  • mineral and non-metallic products,
  • chemistry, rubber and plastics,
  • wood and paper,

Some Figures

The industries of this sector generated sales of 241 billion euros in 2010 (DGCIS, 2010).

Chemistry was in 2009:

  • the 1st exporting sector, some 13.4% of all the manufacturing industry
  • ranked 3rd of the industrial sectors when it comes to its trade surplus of 5.1 billion euros, after the aeronautical industry and the manufacturing of medical products.


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