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From molecular to industrial scale: a unique education and research centre in Europe

A centre for excellence

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High-level education and research in the field of the chemical and technological arts (A7)

The school’s vocation is to train engineers of high scientific and technical level who want to fulfill with passion their professional project in the fields of matter transformation, energy and related services.

Five complementary specialties are offered so as refine the course of each engineer : Engineering in chemistry and materials, and process, chemical and industrial engineering.


The term « chemical and technological arts » sums up a cross-disciplinary vision of the logistics chain for matter transformation and energy. This innovative approach allows the ENSIACET engineer to master the entire process, from molecular conception to industrial production.

10 years of perspective for an over one hundred-year old school allows the Labege-Toulouse platform to be considered as the largest European engineering school for the fields of matter transformation, energy and related services.


A high level engineering course in the field of matter transformation, energy and related services: a unique education centre in Europe