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Ten reasons to choose ENSIACET

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An interdisciplinary and specialized engineering degree unique in Europe

Courses at the ENSIACET embrace the entire industrial process, from the analysis of the molecule to the introduction of the products and the final processes on the market

The INP-ENSIACET engineering diploma combines a general course with specialized skills. The school trains high-level engineers and offers 5 complementary specialties which interest industries of transformation of matter and energy (Chemistry, Materials, Chemistry Engineering, Process Engineering, Industrial Engineering).

The student chooses his specialty when applying for the school, after analyzing the content and the prospects of each course.

Every year, more than 200 engineers graduate from INP-TOULOUSE. They meet the technological expectations and are able to face the interdisciplinarity, the societal challenges and the dynamics of the industries and therefore contribute to their influence.

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the ENSIACET, among the TOP 30 engineering schools in France

More than 10 years after the merger of ENSIGC and ENSCT, the INP-ENSIACET ranks as one of the best engineering schools in France:

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aN approach for pedagogical innovation

So as to be able to constantly answer companies's needs, the ENSIACET bases its approach on continuous pedagogical innovation:

  • the discovery of future molecules, materials and products,
  • the slow guiding of the students towards the industrial scale,
  • the managment of complex projects, ...

These courses enable the training of professionals with a global view of the fields professions:

  • skilled so as to evaluate and accompany innovation
  • able to include societal and environmental aspects

The courses of the INP ENSIACET are constantly evolving just as the companies hiring student-engineers are changing, and are in need of constant pedagogical innovation.

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An effective research centre

Thanks to the acknowledgment from the CNRS, the INRA and of many companies, research at the ENSIACET is both:

  • academic, devoted to knowledge improvement,
  • aware of industrial applications, of technological transfer and acknowledgement.

4 recognized labs are linked to the ENSIACET.

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The international scope of the ENSIACET engineer is a real asset to his/her professional insertion. The school's goal is to allow every student to obtain some experience in a foreign country.

The INP-ENSIACET has strong ties to:

  • Europe,
  • North America,
  • Australia,
  • South Africa.

The school also welcomes foreign students through various exchange programs such as the ERASMUS program, research coursesor other more specific programs.

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Industrial relations are an essential component to the ENSIACET's pedagogical and research policy.

Many events and partnerships are lead by companies with:

  • the school and its student engineers :
    • internships,
    • recruitments,
    • encounters,
    • forums,
  • basic or perfection training,
  • the research teams from the different associated laboratories (CIRIMAT, LCA, LCC, LGC).

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Putting the student in a professional environment is a key factor in his/her training for a strong professional an personal project.

Students are trained to plan out their own professional project, and to refine their career perspectives, and are backed by a team of mentor teachers throughout their 3 years at the school.

Over one in two students is recruited before he or she even leaves the school...

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a dynamic network

The ENSIACET also relies on the strength of its networks:

  • part of the Toulouse INP group,
  • founding member of the "Toulouse University",
  • member of the Gay-Lussac Federation.

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A school at the heart of a scientific environment

An exceptional environment

The INP-ENSIACET makes the most out of an exceptional environment:

  • close proximity to the Rangueil scientific complex,
  • at the heart of the Sicoval : this urban community in the South-East of Toulouse makes the most of the universitary and scientific dynamics to develop its Technopole,
  • at the heart of the Toulouse-INP campus.

Competitiveness centres

The associated laboratories of the ENSIACET are involved in 3 competitiveness clusters:

campus life

Campus infrastructures

Campus infrastructures offer an exceptional work area:

  • an ultra-modern complex at the heart of a sustainable development effort,
  • Teaching, administration and research all gathered in one building,
  • 1 library, 3 lecture rooms, 4 research laboratories, sports equipment and a student cafeteria.

Sporting activities, events, and many clubs punctuate the ENSIACET's students daily lives. Many associations and clubs are gathered within the student association.

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Toulouse : ranked second best city for students

Other than the campus itself, Toulouse has been ranked second best student city in France, and first with regards to the attractivity and jobs criteria (2016-2017 "l'Etudiant" rankings). Between the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, the Pyrenees, Toulouse has a perfect geographic location.

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A high level engineering course in the field of matter transformation, energy and related services: a unique education centre in Europe

Gay Lussac Federation

Gay Lussac Federation, creators of chemists for 25 years...