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Class Sponsorship

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Since 2010, each engineering class of INP-ENSIACET is sponsored by an industrial group.

The sponsorship perfectly illustrates the ambition of the school: increase its fame in the eyes of companies, develop the quality of its partnerships and continuously improve the professional integration of its student with a training adapted to the realities of the world of work.

Actors of the economic life, enterprises wished to participate in the development and the transmission of their "knowledge" heritage and their "expertise" capital. They therefore contribute to the curriculum, the information and the professional integration of the young engineering students of ENSIACET.

Many beneficial exchanges

for the industrialists

for the students

  • to make themselves known and disclose their jobs and their values
  • define and achieve missions
  • identify future collaborators
  • benefit from the school's fame
  • intervene in the curriculum
  • present the "engineering" function
  • meet a valued partner
  • benefit from numerous work placements and job offers
  • work on a long term project with a team of professionals
  • open up to the world of the enterprise
  • present and enhance their curriculum
  • develop and sharpen their professional project

The day of the official launch of the sponsorship

Signature de la charte BMA/ENSIACET
A launching day formalises the sponsorship agreement between the school and the sponsor enterprise. It is the occasion for the school and its privileged partner to sign a sponsorship charter. It defines the shared target to offer the students the optimal means to prepare their future and ensure the success of their curriculum... a guarantee of a successful professional integration !

Examples of ambitious projects

SAFRAN's sponsoring (Class 2013)

In the framework of the sponsoring of the class 2013 by Safran, the students of AirA7 chose to get involved in the realisation of a bilingual exhibition on the theme of the life cycle of a turbine disk. An exhibition which will eventually be displayed by Safran in its Museum in Villaroche (77).

More information on the students' website.

Sponsoring companies