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Your spokespersons

  • Industrial Relations coordinator: Laurent PRAT
  • Industrial Relations deputy coordinator: Claire TENDERO
  • Industrial Relations manager: Aude LACOMBE
  • Association of ENSIACET alumni (AIA7) : Ghyslaine SALDANA
  • ENSIACET Continuing education: Sophie THIEBAUD-ROUX

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The Pro Engineer Insertion

  • Over 1 student in 2 is recruited before the year is even ended
  • Over 90% of the school's graduates are hired under 4 months after leaving the school
  • Over 70% of the graduates work in the sectors of "Councelling and consulting, Energy, Chemical, Parachemical, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industries, Transportation"
  • Over 65% of the graduates's functions are "Study and council, R&D, Production"
  • Average yearly salary on the first job :  34 000 €