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Five great reasons to recruit an ENSIACET engineer

Last modification on: 13/07/2014 - 19:28

  • After 10 to 13 months of internship in an enterprise, after numerous lectures on the basics the discipline, after 3 projects or design office in teamwork, the ENSIACET engineer is operational.  
  • Because of the specifics of the school of which courses cover the entire chain of matter transformation and energy, fro; the molecule, to the invention of the products, processes and materials of the future and to the mastery of a plant management... the ENSIACET engineer is used to working a interdisciplinary teams.
  • The ENSIACET engineer has a defined professional project when he graduates and has an international experience.
  • The courses given by the research faculty members who masters the latest technological and scientific innovations are a guarantee of quality.
  • The courses taught at ENSIACET are continuously reconsidered. They rely on advanced technologies and on the expertise of the research faculty members who work in internationally recognised laboratories of a high scientific level.


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