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Support for professional integration

Last modification on: 15/07/2014 - 21:21

The academic course of the ENSIACET engineering students is interspersed with many industrial meetings to guide their professional project.
This process is guided by a mentor - teacher, researcher, industrialist - who help them think about, sharpen and define their projects.
Key meetings punctuate the 3 years of the students' curriculum to open up the reflection on jobs, professional concerns and on the societal context.

Four fairs

In addition to courses and internships which are the centre of the professionalization measures, INP-ENSIACET organises four fairs:

  • employment fair,
  • final projects fair,
  • research fair,
  • international fair.

The targets are:

  • to get information,
  • to discover professions and their role,
  • to look to a future job,
  • to understand societal issues.

The Pro Engineer Insertion

  • Over 1 student in 2 is recruited before the year is even ended
  • Over 90% of the school's graduates are hired under 4 months after leaving the school
  • Over 70% of the graduates work in the sectors of "Councelling and consulting, Energy, Chemical, Parachemical, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industries, Transportation"
  • Over 65% of the graduates's functions are "Study and council, R&D, Production"
  • Average yearly salary on the first job :  34 000 €


L'ensemble des dispositifs proposés pour la construction du projet professionnel des élèves de l'ENSIACET tout au long de leur scolarité est compulsé dans un "Passeport Projet Professionnel".