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A support given by mentors

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A support given by a mentor -

ENSIACET engineering students benefit from the support of a mentor, from their admission to the school to their graduation. The mentor is there to help them define and develop a personalised professional project to guarantee an optimal integration in the world of work for their first job search.
This mission is assured by the academic executives of the school: mainly research faculty members but also members of the direction committee, research engineers of the school, other members of the teaching staff, alumni from AIA7.

An observation: an ignorance of the job prospects

The candidates for the competitive examination, the students who are accepted and the students admitted because of their certified qualifications  have some idea of the school and its prospects. They commonly don’t know the reality of the engineering professions prepared at ENSIACET and the reality of the industrial sectors and enterprises they can integrate when they graduate.

In particular, they don’t have a broad vision of the possible jobs and functions their engineering degree enables them to have. They often don’t have a sufficiently backed up personal project to guide them through the organisation of their curriculum and their academic career.

The role of the mentor

The students have to choose their mentor in the first 3 months of their schooling. The mentor supports his student and promotes his independence all through his schooling, from the first to the last year of study.
During his interviews with the student, the mentor fosters the personal reflexion of the student to produce a professional project. He does not decide in place of the student who always has the final say.
The student sees his mentor at least once per semester for all academic sequence where there is a choice to be made (courses, minors, internships,…)

The counselling meetings

 Once the agreement between the mentor and the student set up, at least two meetings per year are required.

  • 1st semester: to discuss the choice of the major and the search of the first year internship
  • 2nd semester: to specify the worker internship and to sketch out a work programme on the professional project for the next 3 years
  • 3rd semester: to define the 3rd year choices (going abroad, doing courses in another school, choosing a minor, a master,…) and to clarify the choice of the 2nd year internship,
  • 4th semester to specify the internship choices for 2nd and 3rd year
  • 5th semester: to discuss about the first employment or the continuation of studies and specify the choice of the final project.

The whole mentoring plan, the construction of the curriculum vitae, the assets give rise to 2 courses and 4 tutorials during the 1st month of the 1st year.

The Pro Engineer Insertion

  • Over 1 student in 2 is recruited before the year is even ended
  • Over 90% of the school's graduates are hired under 4 months after leaving the school
  • Over 70% of the graduates work in the sectors of "Councelling and consulting, Energy, Chemical, Parachemical, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industries, Transportation"
  • Over 65% of the graduates's functions are "Study and council, R&D, Production"
  • Average yearly salary on the first job :  34 000 €