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Employment fair

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Every year, about thirty companies (large groups but also SMEs) come meet the 750 engineers of ENSIACET. The target of this fair is to share a moment of exchange between students and professionals of the field of matter transformation and energy.
The employment fair is an important step in the definition of the professional project of engineering students. For the companies, this event is the opportunity to meet their future collaborators and to promote their activities, values and expertise.

A triple interest

A triple interest “Student/industrialists/alumni”

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For the students:

It is a privileged space between students and public and private sectors of the field of matter transformation and energy. It enables students to better understand the sector in a whole and to assess the different prospects that are possible. This fair offers the future engineers a valued aid and an enriching experience for the construction of their professional career.

For the industrialists:

It is an opportunity to meet their future interns or collaborators in particular through job or internship interviews. The fair also enables them to promote their activities, values and expertise.

For the alumni:

It is a place to share their professional career, to support the engineering students in the definition of their professional project and to develop their network.

The activities

Activities to establish solid links

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Encounters and exchange of experiences

Alumni come to tell about the professional career and their job to the students on a thematic or a field of activity. For some thematics, an alumnus present in-depth his experience in the field.
The organisation is left to engineering students and/or research faculty members of the school.

The enterprises' presentations

A stand organisation:

All day, the professionals introduce their enterprise on a stand. A space (with tables, chairs, display board) is given to all the exhibitors.

Institutional presentations:

The professionals present a more formal presentation of their enterprise to the students. It can last up to 30 minutes.

Programme form

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  • 1 day
  • a Friday
  • 8h30: welcoming
  • 9h à 17h: fair
  • free catering
  • 17h30: cocktail

The employment fair in short

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  • a special moment of exchange between students, professionals and alumni,
  • an important step in the definition of the professional project of the students,
  • the possibility for the students to:
    • attend thematic conferences,
    • meet Human Resources staff and former students now working on the stand of their company,
    • pass internship/job interviews,
    • attend to institutional presentations.
Rencontres et échanges avec des anciens élèves aujourd'hui professionnels du domaine de la transformation de la matière et de l'énergie

The employment fair in videos (in french)

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Discover the employment fair through videos... and find all the Employment fair videos on the YouTube channel of ENSIACET.


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This event is organised by a team of students who work in close cooperation with the different offices of ENSIACET (Communication and Industrial Relations, Admissions office) as well as with the AIA7 (the Association of alumni), the BDE (student's association) and the FA7 (the "junior enterprise" of the school).


For the Communication and Industrial Relation Office: forum.metiers @

Previous editions

  • Novembre 27th, 2014
  • November 29th, 2013
  • November 9th, 2012
  • February 17th, 2012
    • 30 enterprises
    • 400 students
    • 23 stands
    • 15 institutional presentations
    • 60 professional interviews

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