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Final projects fair

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Final projects fair

INP-ENSIACET organises the presentation to a jury of the 3rd year students' final projects in the form of a fair.

"Networking" targets 

To gather the placement supervisors of the engineering student:

  • is a way for INP-ENSIACET to better take into account the needs and the evolutions of the enterprises in the field of matter transformation and energy,
  • is an opportunity for the industrialists to have a accurate idea of the skills of an ENISACET engineer,
  • is an opportunity for the research faculty members and the engineering students of the school to establish lasting ties with future employers.

An organisation per themes

Presentations on societal themes

Every day revolves around one or two societal themes and gather a great number of major actors of the field. The placement supervisors and the 3rd year engineering students therefore have the opportunity to attend to all the presentations insofar as they are not confidential.

Poster exhibition

The engineering students have the mission to make a poster to show the result of their placement.
Parallel to the oral presentations, posters are displayed in a room . They introduce all the placement accomplished by the third year students as well as the presentation of the courses, laboratories and associations of the school.
The poster exhibition is an opportunity for the engineering students to exchange and show their work to their future employers. It also enables to have a broad vision of the skills learnt at ENSIACET and the current industrial issues.

Visits of the school

The placement supervisors have the possibility to visit the school and the different laboratories if they subscribe on their arrival. Thus, they have the opportunity to meet research faculty members and technicians committed in their field.

The Pro Engineer Insertion

  • Over 1 student in 2 is recruited before the year is even ended
  • Over 90% of the school's graduates are hired under 4 months after leaving the school
  • Over 70% of the graduates work in the sectors of "Councelling and consulting, Energy, Chemical, Parachemical, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industries, Transportation"
  • Over 65% of the graduates's functions are "Study and council, R&D, Production"
  • Average yearly salary on the first job :  34 000 €