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Research fair

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Research fair

Launched in January 2012, the Research fair has the aim to highlight the existing synergies between Research and Education and to communicate to first year students the research activities at ENSIACET.

A strong tie between Education and research 

  • To make easier the interpenetration education– research: appropriation of the school building by the students, better knowledge of the activities of the research faculty members who teach them and therefore better understanding.
  • To introduce the research profession to students.
  • To introduce the research activities of the laboratories to the students in order to increase the influence of the laboratories to the future engineers in the industry. 

A day of discovery and vocation

Groups of 5-6 first year students work from October to January on the understanding of the research environment at ENSIACET. This work is done in the framework of the Common Course project and leads to a presentation to the whole class during a day which includes:

  • the introduction of the 4 laboratories of the school (CIRIMAT, LCA, LCC, LGC) et les 2 CRITT associées (GP et CATAR) :
    • structure, functioning, research thematics, positioning by the first year groups,
    • presentation of a flagship research by a PhD candidate of each of the laboratories,
  • a poster exhibition where PhD candidates of the laboratories present their research themes and exchange with the students,
  • a detailed visit of the laboratories organised by the first year students in charge of the project.

The Pro Engineer Insertion

  • Over 1 student in 2 is recruited before the year is even ended
  • Over 90% of the school's graduates are hired under 4 months after leaving the school
  • Over 70% of the graduates work in the sectors of "Councelling and consulting, Energy, Chemical, Parachemical, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industries, Transportation"
  • Over 65% of the graduates's functions are "Study and council, R&D, Production"
  • Average yearly salary on the first job :  34 000 €

Previous editions

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