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Do a double degree

You are a foreign student from a partner university...

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If your university has a bilateral agreement for double degrees with INP-ENSIACET, you can substitute part of your university curriculum by two years at INP-ENSIACET (3 semesters of courses and 1 semester of placement). This way you may get simultaneously the INP-ENSIACET degree and your university degree.


  • You are accepted in 2nd year (fourth-year of university level) in one of the five majors of the engineering course;
  • You must follow all courses;
  • You choose a minor in 3rd year;
  • At the end of the 3rd year, you do a placement in France or abroad;
  • When you arrive at the ENSIACET, you are considered as an exchange student. But at the end of the 1st semester, a jury will allow you to continue for a double-degree or not;
  • Given your academic results and if the jury validates your 3rd year, the INP-ENSIACET degree will be given to you alongside with your home university degree.  


Contact the INP-ENSIACET International Relations office service.

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