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Do a research internship at INP-ENSIACET

You are a foreign student and you have to realise a research project...

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Internships in a research laboratory can be offered to foreign students wishing to discover the research environment, to train in scientific research or to acquire a professional experience during their university studies ...

host LaboratoRies and CRITT

Our four research laboratories or our two CRITT (Centre de transfert et de technologie) can propose you subjects which answer to your expectations.


Processes are competitive: submit a spontaneous application after looking for information about the research themes.


First, you have to contact a researcher or a teacher-researcher in the field that interests you in order to offer him to work on one of his research topics and to define an internship subject.

Exchange agreements

Once you have the researcher’s agreement, the procedure depends on the existence or not of an exchange agreement between your institution and INP-ENSIACET:

  • if there is an agreement, you have to contact the International Relations office of your university so as to follow up the standard procedure of student exchanges ( cover letter, learning agreement…);
  • if there is no existing agreement between your institution and INP-ENSIACET, you have to ask directly to your institution to establish a internship agreement with the host laboratory.

Health insurance

Be careful! No matter your status you have to provide a health insurance and a liability insurance for all the duration of your stay at ENSIACET. You can contract it in your country or obtain it in France when you arrive.