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Do a semester or a year at the ENSIACET (in substitution)

You are a foreign student from a partner university...

Last modification on: 16/04/2015 - 15:16

If your university signed a partnership agreement with INP or INP-ENSIACET, you can spend a semester or a year of substitution. The ENSIACET credits obtained will be taken into account by your university.

With this exchange programme, you cannot obtain the ENSIACET degree.


  • 1. Download, fill and send the application form ("pré-inscription") FORM PRE.
  • 2. Download, fill and send the request of room in university residence if you wish to reserve one (Form CH). (Available soon)
  • 3. Ask your university to establish a nomination letter and a learning agreement and send it to us (use the form of your university).

Then, our International office will send you a letter of acceptance. Afterwards:

  • 4. Request the closest French consulate a student visa (the nationals of the European Union are exempted).
  • 5. A health insurance coverage is compulsory to study in France. If you come from European Union, request a health insurance european card before your departure. Otherwise you will be able to subscribe to a student medical coverage during the registration at ENSIACET (about 200€). Nevertheless, be careful because this card only begins on October 1st and a private health insurance will however be required to cover any previous period to October 1st.
  • 6. Finally, send an email to internationaloffice @ to confirm that you have all your documents and that you will arrive in Toulouse at the expected date.

List of foreign partner universities


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