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    • Agrofood Chain

      The objective of the Agrofood Chain program is to create awareness of the scientific, social and economic realities of the modern agricultural and food industries and to provide scientific and practical training in an international context.

      The MAFC program is a two-year master program, entirely taught in English, with a multidisciplinary and custom-made program based on excellence in teaching and research.

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    • Eco-engineering

      Specialization BAC +5/+6

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    • Fluids Engineering for Industrial Processes

      This education programme is focused on Fluids Engineering for Industrial Processes. Applications are related to fluid flows in petroleum engineering, chemical engineering, energy transformation… The lectures focus on the physics and modelling of transport phenomena in multiphase flows (bubbles, drops, granular media, emulsions and foams).

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    • Green Chemistry and Processes for Renewable Feedstocks

      Today the chemical industry must adapt to cope with the increasing scarcity of resources, the new regulations, and the social, ecological and political pressure. In this context, the use of renewable...

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    • MSc Industrial & Safety Engineering (ISE)

      Processing innovations to innovative products requires the control of industrial processes for their entry into market within a reasonable time and price, while providing assurance on their quality and safety. Increasingly, quality and safety requirements will also focus on the manufacturing process. All these processes involve various human, technical and financial resources, all under the influence of many external constraints - regulatory, normative, legal, societal... The conduct of such a system requires an organization to control the use of resources, as well as monitoring their commitment to ensure safety and sustainability.

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    • Risk engineering

      Post-graduate advanced master certified by the "Conférence des Grandes Écoles"
      Taught in English
      Technical approach of safety control: methods, tools, risk assessment and treatment.
      Specialisation to a 5th/6th year of university level

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