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Crous residences close by INP-ENSIACET

Last modification on: 29/08/2014 - 09:58

At the beginning of the school year, INP-ENSIACET has several rooms in CROUS residence halls. These are reserved for a semester or a year for foreign students who come under an exchange agreement. Contact the International Relations office of ENSIACET.

Rooms that were not occupied at the beginning of the year can be taken back by the CROUS. Therefore they cannot be guaranteed for an arrival in the second semester.

Residence halls offer rooms for a low price with plain comfort. Most of them have shared toilet and shower on the landing. Some have been renovated and offer superior comfort. You can express your room preference however it is the CROUS which decides which type of room to grant. All are close to university caterings or cafeterias. Only some offer a kitchenette.

If you want a higher comfort we recommend you to consider private residences.

Do not try to contact the CROUS for room reservations. Their potential answer will be: "Talk to the IR Office of ENSIACET."


The CROUS asks students from non-European countries to provide the signature of someone who is warrant for you in case of damages or unpaid rent. It is called the deposit.
If you do not have family in...

Further information

"CAF" and "APL"

In some cases, you may have the right to be helped by the French government to pay your rent (APL). Forore information visit the “Caisses des allocations familiales” website.

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