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Public transportations

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At your arrival from the airport, a 5€ ticket enables you take the shuttle FLYBUS to the city centre and then the bus and / or subway.

Once settled in Toulouse, you should establish a "Carte Pastel" to receive discounted rates (for students under 35 years).

While waiting for your Carte Pastel, the transport company Tisséo offers other attractive prices if you buy the tickets by 10.

Normal Price: 1,40 €, the cheaper price for students: 0,40 €.

Note that only one ticket is necessary for a journey, even if you take "bus + metro + bus."

Once you have your Carte Pastel, you can buy monthly subscriptions (unlimited trips) for 10€.

Everyday life

The useful information is in the section "Life@"  on the "Université de Toulouse"'s website.

"Université de Toulouse"'s website