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The mobility programmes

Exchange programmes and international agreements

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INP ENSIACET signed numerous incoming and outgoing mobility agreements. The
School is involved in several types of institutional exchange programmes to provide a favourable framework for the mobility of French and foreign students.

The studies are completed abroad without having to pay additional tuition fees. They are recognized as credits by the home university thanks to the learning agreement that the student prepare and sign before his departure in accordance with the home university and the host university. Of course, exchanges work in both ways.


The ERASMUS programme

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jpgphotographie.comErasmus is an exclusive programme to the European countries in the broad sense (29 countries + Norway, Iceland and Norway). Each university has a code. The ENSIACET code is the same as the INP Toulouse (F TOULOUS28).

With Erasmus, studies can last between 3 and 10 months. However, a bilateral Erasmus agreement between INP Toulouse and the European University is essential.

The Erasmus grant is an incentive Community aid reserved to eligible students. The allocation is not automatic, students must apply in their university. A student can benefit this grant only once in his curriculum.

Bilateral agreements

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INP Toulouse signed with non-European universities and institutions several agreements called "bilateral" which allow students to study abroad while paying their tuition fees in their home university. 

An study contract is established prior to the departure. It is compulsory to validate the credits obtained abroad. Generally, there is no specific grant for such agreements.

Here is the list of agreements : Non-Erasmus partner universities 2010-2011.pdf


The FITEC programmes

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The CDEFI (Conférence des Directeurs des Ecoles Françaises d’Ingénieurs) has been coordinating for several years a number of international programmes FITEC (France Engineers Technology) funded for the French part, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. These programmes enable to implement mobility projects for engineering students and teachers.

The BRAFITEC, MEXFITEC and ARFITEC programmes respectively established with Brazilian, Mexican and Argentine universities enables:

  • students from these countries to come to INP-ENSIACET for a semester or an academic year,
  • INP-ENSIACET students to do a semester in many universities of Latin America’s countries.

 In the case of three Brazilian universities (USP, UFRN and UNESP), the BRAFITEC exchange may be the ideal springboard to pursue a double degree.


You can benefit from a flat rate of 1000€ for Brazil, 1300€ for Argentina, and 1500€ for Mexico. The Brazilian government may grant an additional $500 Real per month after a few steps to the local coordinator.

Foreign students

For this kind of mobility, you should contact the International Relations Office of your university that can provide information on the practical aspects of each agreement.







The CREPUQ programme

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Quebec universities offer the opportunity to INP-ENSIACET students to do a semester in exchange. Once the file completed and sent to the host university, the latter may carry out a final selection. In other words, acceptance is not automatic.

More information on the CREPUQ's website


"N+I" Network

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Logo N+IContrary to other programmes, n + i only works in the direction "Foreign" to "France". This is a paying programme leading to a diploma which does not require the endorsement of a framework agreement between each university. The student just has to apply for the n+i network.

In France, INSA Toulouse organizes the bridging semester for the Chemical Engineering theme. L'ENSCCF (Clermond-Ferrand) organizes the bridging semester for chemistry and materials. INP-ENSIACET also welcomes students to pursue the programme during three semesters.

Foreign students pay tuition fees, but can be sponsored by industries (by the internship system), or can apply for other aids such as Eiffel grants.

For more information 

ENSIACET interlocutor for the N+I network

  • Dr. Ludovic MONTASTRUC
    • (Ludovic.Montastruc @
    • phone: +33 (0) 5 34 32 36 57

List of foreign partner universities


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