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The FITEC programmes

Last modification on: 28/08/2014 - 17:21

The CDEFI (Conférence des Directeurs des Ecoles Françaises d’Ingénieurs) has been coordinating for several years a number of international programmes FITEC (France Engineers Technology) funded for the French part, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. These programmes enable to implement mobility projects for engineering students and teachers.

The BRAFITEC, MEXFITEC and ARFITEC programmes respectively established with Brazilian, Mexican and Argentine universities enables:

  • students from these countries to come to INP-ENSIACET for a semester or an academic year,
  • INP-ENSIACET students to do a semester in many universities of Latin America’s countries.

 In the case of three Brazilian universities (USP, UFRN and UNESP), the BRAFITEC exchange may be the ideal springboard to pursue a double degree.


You can benefit from a flat rate of 1000€ for Brazil, 1300€ for Argentina, and 1500€ for Mexico. The Brazilian government may grant an additional $500 Real per month after a few steps to the local coordinator.

Foreign students

For this kind of mobility, you should contact the International Relations Office of your university that can provide information on the practical aspects of each agreement.






List of foreign partner universities


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