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"N+I" Network

Last modification on: 06/07/2014 - 22:12

Logo N+IContrary to other programmes, n + i only works in the direction "Foreign" to "France". This is a paying programme leading to a diploma which does not require the endorsement of a framework agreement between each university. The student just has to apply for the n+i network.

In France, INSA Toulouse organizes the bridging semester for the Chemical Engineering theme. L'ENSCCF (Clermond-Ferrand) organizes the bridging semester for chemistry and materials. INP-ENSIACET also welcomes students to pursue the programme during three semesters.

Foreign students pay tuition fees, but can be sponsored by industries (by the internship system), or can apply for other aids such as Eiffel grants.

For more information 

ENSIACET interlocutor for the N+I network

  • Dr. Ludovic MONTASTRUC
    • Ludovic.Montastruc@ensiacet.fr (Ludovic.Montastruc @ ensiacet.fr/)
    • phone: +33 (0) 5 34 32 36 57

List of foreign partner universities


Dedicated website for the Toul'Box, complete set of tools for the students who are looking to easily settle in Toulous