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Tuition fees

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For students applying to do the complete engineering course

Tuition fees



Fees (2014-2015)

- with student medical care*

- except health insurance

Fees (2014-2015)

- with student medical care**

- with health insurance*

- with "Pass Vie étudiante"***


615,10 €

868,10 €


261,10 €

514,10 €


615,10 €

868,10 €


396,10 €

649,10 €

* Student medical care: 5,10 €
** Health insurance: 213 €
*** access to sports and student associations, ... : 80 € (Further information on the INP Toulouse website)

for Exchange students

Tuition fees


 Fees (2014-2015)

ERASMUS students

fee waiver (except Civil liability insurance = 15€)

Other programmes FITEC, ATLANTIS, bilateral agreements, ...

fee waiver (except Civil liability insurance = 15€ and health insurance = 200€)


All exchange students must be covered by  health Insurance. European students must hold the European Health Insurance card.
Other students can buy one when they apply, it costs about 200 euro per year.
All exchange students must have Civil liability insurance, it’s possible to subscribe to one for about 15 euros per year  when you apply.


In each case, foreign students must complete their registration. They must contact the ENSIACET International Office upon arrival at Toulouse.

List of foreign partner universities


Dedicated website for the Toul'Box, complete set of tools for the students who are looking to easily settle in Toulous