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Groupe d'Ingénieurs Férus d'Improvisation

Last modification on: 03/05/2015 - 11:31

The GIFI (Groupe d'Ingénieurs Férus d'Improvisation) was founded at the A7 two years ago and hasn't stopped growing. It goes along the same lines at theatre except that here you get to create your own stories and situations, or have to inprovise on a theme you just found out about not a moment ago.

The GIFI is now an acknowledged club throughout the whole INP and counts many other clubs as its friends.

What's the gifi?

Possibly one of the most important and philosophical clubs of the ENSIACET ! And one of the biggest improvisation clubs in Toulouse !

But the GIFI is also a way of life : puns, a faithful crowd and shows ALL year round against other clubs of the pink city.

Got stage-fright ? Having trouble letting yourself go ? Hungry for glory, your own club and a boiling desire to satisfy your loving crowd ?

Then come join us, or come see us !


Join the GIFI and get your act together !