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March starts off nicely with the Fest'INP. It's also a time where the newly elected student unions start to get their bearings. Finally, the month is rounded off with the "Challenge de la Garonne".


Every year, between the end of February and the beginning of March, occurs this festival, during which take place concerts, shows and other frstive or cultural events. This festival is rounded off with a closing night.

Challenge Garonne

Two cities, Toulouse and Bordeaux, challenge each other in many sporting events : basketball, football, handball, volleyball and rugby. The freshly elected BDS is of course in charge of the organisation of this event.
And don't forget the obligatory party so that you can get to know the Bordelais a bit better.

The mascot TAC

Hello! My name is TAC and I will go with you on all sports fields and parties during 3 years!