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TIC (Inter-chemistry tournament)

The TIC is possibly the biggest sporting event of the year. Approximately 2000 students from 20 different schools of the Gay-Lussac Foundation ( duke it out in this huge event !

The sports that take place are :

  • Team sports : basketball, football, handball, volleyball, rugby.
  • Individual sports : badminton, swimming, athletics.
  • Fun sports : 100m pastis, ultimate, beer pong...

Other factors may decide if a school wins or not, such as their pom-pom girls, fair-play or bringing a good atmosphere.

Whether you're a sportsman or not, this event is bound to have something you'll like. So don't hesitate and remember to defend your school's reputation !

The mascot TAC

Hello! My name is TAC and I will go with you on all sports fields and parties during 3 years!